The World’s First Social Keyboard for your mobile content creation needs.

Introducing AIR Social Keyboard

Curate your brand by connecting AIR to Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr and LinkedIn. Convey your message with images and text from wherever you roam.

Use the AIR Image editor to personalise your content immediately. Crop, letterbox, and apply your message over your photos to tell your story to your community and the world.

Create Smarter Content Faster

Expand your tweets and “break 140” with an AIR Memo. AIR converts any message into a beautifully formatted image ready for sharing. 

Calling all Twitter Users

AIR Keyboard – Darkside

Compose first, then tap-to-tag

Faster & Smarter AIR does the rest

AIR – The only social media keyboard for iPhone

AIR Image Editor

Optimize aspect ratios with a tap

Create Stunning Images

Enhance your brand with new pictures or bring back treasured images and give them new life and meaning in your social networks. The AIR Image Editor allows you full control over your messaging without ever leaving the target application.        Simple, effective, efficient – fall in love with all your images again with AIR!

Add text over images

“Every social platform is different...  Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and let’s not forget about LinkedIn. All these great spaces have incredibly different user experiences. We had to find a better way to create content, and needed a faster way to tag and mention across all social platforms. The funny thing was, the keyboard was right there in front of us the whole time.” 

AIR Social Keyboard Creators – Nathan Oshidari & Troy Spracklin

AIR, the Advanced Input Revolution!

Made in Vancouver & Santa Monica via Skype

Copyright © 2016 – Bubbl Technology Inc.

Create smarter content faster with AIR.

Connect AIR to your social networks to review, edit and share previously posted content in any of your applications straight from the comfort of your keyboard!

Edit Your Stunning Images on the Spot

Compose First Then Tap-to-Tag

Immediately access your content, hashtags, or groups. Managing your content has never been this easy!

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